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This Baluduzzi Columbus SL is from the early 80's. Fully chromed, measures 53cm seat tube (center to center), top tube is 54cm and the rear spacing is 126mm. Marco Balduzzi is an artisan mechanic here in Bolzano - his bike shop is one of the best in the world. At the begining he sold bikes custom made by subcontractors then decided to carry other brands. This frame comes from those early efforts. I've written about Marco for Pezcyclingnews - here and here - there is more info at the bottom of this page...

SOME HISTORY (for those interested)
Marco Balduzzi was an amateur/semi pro racer in the 70's (racing for the Wilier team) and did some mechanic work on the side. Eventually, he chose it full time and with his artisan business license, he could offer bikes built under his own name. The frames were all custom made for each client according to Marco's geometry ideas. He won't tell me who he subcontracted, only that they were/are in Padova.

Now, Marco is a perfectionist and these frame are not perfect - the quality is average/normal for the time, some of the file work is sloppy, the chrome a bit uneven, and lots of little things drove him crazy. Marco eventually decided that it was much easier to sell De Rosas that were nearly perfect - so he stepped up and got a retail license and never looked back. I came across a pristine Balduzzi awhile ago that I gave to Marco - it's now hanging up in the shop.

Balduzzis were all finished cromovelato either blue or red. This one being offered was red, but it was coming off in big chunks (I forgot to take a pic) - so after 8 hours cleaning it all off, the result is a fully chromed frame with original decals. These are rare birds, I should probably hang on to this one, but if a good home can be found (meaning that the buyer intends to build it up and ride it), then I'll let this one go and include the Nuovo Record headset and bottom bracket.


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