I'm sure I'm going to regret selling this bike, but today it seems like a good idea. This early 90's, all round tube Colnago Bititan is a wonderful ride. In fact, it's one of the nicest I've ever experienced - hitting that sweet spot between stability and agility. It's not that stiff, but somehow it doesn't matter much with this one. There's enough to power in it without feeling robbed while the comfort and handling make up for everything. This is one of those rare bikes that lives up to the hype of the name Colnago (I've ridden plenty that haven't).

It measures: seat tube (center to center) 54.5cm, the top tube is 55cm and the headtube is 13.5cm - classic Italian geometry.

The original gruppo was C Record, but the second owner "upgraded" it to a Campagnolo Racing Triple, 8 speed Ergo shifters (damn). The only remaining pieces are the headset and the wheels (Ambrosio Servizio Corsa labled Colnago clincher rims with C Record hubs and skewers).

Titanium stem and bars are from ITM. The seat post is unlabled. The saddle is a San Marco Rolls, the back plate is missing. Tires are from Veloflex - though fairly used up.

Which brings us to the metallic black and pink, Decor paint job. Its condition can best be described as average. From 3 feet away, the bike seems perfect, all of the important areas and logos are intact. However, closer inspection reveals a fair amount of touch ups and chips. Why? Colnago painted on top of the titanium without any foundation allowing the natural metal to show through in places. So the slightest knock will chip away the clear coat and paint with it.

Here is a good example of chips in the clear coat. The drive side chain stay is full of these tiny pimples.

This spot here on the top tube, non drive side is the worst of it. The good news is that these are only surface blemishes, the frame and fork are sound and undented and (obviously) rust free.

It's a great bike, meant to be ridden and enjoyed. The surface blemishes are somehow a relief - it made me not worry too much about getting any more and focus on the ride. Hopefully it will find a good home out there and maybe someone with those missing C Record parts to return it to its former glory.

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