This is a cool, cool ride - much nicer, much rarer and cheaper than a Colnago Master. I like Masters, but other bikes come along and then I don't ride them that much. However, this Carrera is a bit harder to say goodbye to.

This early 90's Carrera is made from Columbus EL tubing - oversized and Extra Light. It measures 55cm by 55cm with 130mm rear spacing. The Carrera professional team that featured guys like Pantani and Chiappucci rode similar bikes (though painted white with blue airbrushing). These frames are stiff, relatively light and handle very nicely.

The condition is very good. The only issues are cable rub marks on the head tube that have been touched up, after mounting new cables these will be hidden. The chrome is excellent. There is no rust and no dents. There are some light marks here and there, none of them are noticeable.

The airbrushing is outstanding.

This art deco-ness is hidden under the downtube.

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