BIANCHI Coppi Tribute
This is a Coppi frame made by Fiorelli, resprayed in Bianchi livery. I'll explain: I couldn't find any appropriate Coppi decals, so this is what happens. Il Campionissimo is known to have ridden Fiorellis with Bianchi livery so that's what I decided. Here's what it looked like before the refinishing. The frame measures 58cm by 58cm, center to center, the rear spacing is 123mm.

Made from Columbus tubing, it's super light and the craftsmanship is excellent. This was top of the line in 1967, as the following photos attest. The condition is excellent, no dents, no rust, no signs of any accident.

These are NOS caps to replace the tired old ones.

The chrome is not perfect, but more than acceptable.

The bottom bracket and fork steerer tube are stamped 58 - obviously, the size.

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