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F. MOSER Junior
This Moser Junior is a mid range, mid 80's classic Italian road bike - the top offerings sold for 2 million Lire, whereas this one went for 1.3 or so. Yet the care and craftsmanship that went into it are woefully absent in many of the high end offerings of today. Also noteworthy is its pristine condition. The bike measures: seat tube 54cm (center to center), top tube 55cm and a 12.5cm headtube.

Every component was thoughtfully chosen to provide an optimum mix of bang for the buck. While the derailleurs are Campagnolo Triomphe, the other parts are all anodized charcoal with a light MOSER panotgraph etching from Modolo (brakes and levers), ITM (stem and bars) and Miche (hubs and cranks). All of it is in fine working condition.

I bought this bike from the original owner. It had been sitting in his garage for the past 15 years untouched. I can't imagine that it was ridden much before its hiburnation. The paint has very few scratches and chrome is in excellent condition.

New Old Stock Modolo gum hoods and NOS bartape from Ambrosio fit quite nicely on this bike.

While a lot of these old bikes seem to have been pedaled by hearty guys with needs for big gears - this one goes down to a 42 X 28 to get over the hills.

This is the original saddle and seat post - the Sella Italia Turbo and Campy fluted ones are not included in the sale.

This is a great bike, in great condition that represents the wholesomeness of Italian road bike craftsmanship from a golden era. It is a simple, well executed machine that provides ammunition to those that believe that today's bikes lack character and thoughtfulness.

I brought this gem to this year's Eroica. At the starting line, I noticed that someone was staring at my ride. I looked up and realized that it was Francesco Moser. So I said, “I bet you like my bike, huh?” He nodded. “Well if you like it so much, I’ll take your picture with it.” Moser laughed and signaled me to come over. PS - the bike handled like a dream, no flats and no crashes.

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