KLEIN Quantum Pro 20th Anniversary
This collectors' item has been hanging on my wall for the past few years waiting to be put together, but I can't seem to ever get around to it. It is a size 53 - which means the top tube is 55cm and the seat tube is 55.5cm (center to top). The headtube is a short-ish 11.5cm.

This Quantum Pro is in decent condition - there are a number of touch ups - since it's black, they are hardly noticeable. I would rate this a 78 out of 100. All of the script is clean, no damage or scratches.

This frame wears a special paint job to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Klein. It was offered in 1995 as a custom option. And herein lies pretty much most of the value. Klein's are rare enough, this one is even more so.

I bought the frame without its fork, the previous owner did not have it (he was given the frame by a friend that worked in a bike shop). However, this Quantum does come with 172.5mm CODA cranks. These were one of the firsts to be CNC'd and hollow and glued together in the mid 90's. Super light and super stiff, they cost a fortune at the time, well over a $1000. The bearings are a bit dry though.

The internal cables still there to help thread the new ones.

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