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Some consider Marastoni on the same level as Masi or Pogliaghi, more information about the history of Marastoni can be found here. In any case he made some fine rides that were mainly raced locally in the Emilia region of Italy. This frame measures: 55.5cm top tube and 55cm seat tube, center to center. The headtube is 13cm and the rear spacing is 121mm.

This is how the frame looked when I got it from the second owner. But the green and gray colors taken from the steerer tube are the original colors, so I had it refinsihed. The only difference is that the green is lightly pearly.

The only bad news is that there was a welding bead on drive side chain stay. I have no idea why. I took it to a framebuilder and he cleaned up the weld and checked that everything is aligned perfectly. It can be seen in the photo below. Otherwise the frame is beautiful and ready to be built up and ridden.

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