COLNAGO Merckx Tribute
This is a replica of a tribute... er, maybe a tribute to a replica. Anyhow, it is a mid 70's Colnago refinished as a Merckx Molteni edition Super. The frame was/is in perfect condition, it's just that no one wanted to buy it in its original state. Here's what it looked like before the refinishing. Though in the photos the color looks off, this color is the real, special ordered Molteni orange.

The frame measures 56cm by 56cm, center to center, the rear spacing is 126mm, the headtube is 15cm.

Here's where sticklers will tell you that the 74's fork crown only has the logo, no "Colnago" script - otherwise the differences between an early and a mid 70's Colnago are minimal (mine is from '76 or '77).

You never know what you're gonna get with a Colnago in terms of skill and craftsmanship, but this one was made fairly well, as these thinned, nicely brazed lugs prove.

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