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PEGORETTI Tanguillos
This mid to late 90's Pegoretti will most certainly become a collector's piece, if it isn't already. The seat tube measures 55.5cm measured center to center, the top tube is 56cm and the headtube is 14.5cm. It is widely known that Dario Pegoretti's TIG welded steel bikes were dominant the early 90's Pro Tour used by Indurain, Pantani and others - his work covered by other brands' logos. By the mid 90's Dario Pegoretti had had enough with being a terzista (subcontractor) and decided to market his own bikes. Nowadays, he has become a kind of bike rock star, known for his flamboyant chainsmoking personality and abstractly hand painted frames.

I bought this bike from the original owner, obviously it had been well cared for over the past decade and a half. The condition is a very solid 88 out of 100. There are a few minor scratches and a couple of chips, but all of them are very minor.

While I appreciate his newer work and believe that his fame is merited, I think that this Tanguillos dates back to a simpler, more modest, (perhaps) more honest time. A time before the NAHBS frenzy. A time where the gruppo included hubs and the bike shop really built the whole thing - this bike happens to come with a complete 9 speed, Shimano 105 gruppo. And it is exactly this kind of mid range gruppo paired with a top end, custom made frame that excites people like myself (and Dario too). It means that money was spent where it matters the most and points to a savvy customer.

The pedigree, the technology and the craft would count for little if this bicycle didn't handle like a dream. Every bike review seems to describe their tester as magical, hence this adjective has lost most of its value. Truth is that most bikes do not ride magically. YET, this one does. The Tanguillos makes you smile like a kid. It is amazingly smooth and comfortable, railroad tracks are greeted with a gentle thud. Pave' is no problem. But it really loves to go fast, especially downhill. And that's how one really knows that their bike is a good one.

The welding work is so small and thin - it disappears from more than a meter away.

Note: the old, slim rear drop outs were brazed in. Now Dario welds big ones in.

A good ole steel fork, made by the bike builder. Now, (almost) all Pegoretti's come with a carbon one, made by someone else.

Please note that these early Pegoretti's are pretty rare, people don't part with their custom bikes so quickly. But more importantly, in the mid to late 90's everyone wanted aluminum, it was all the rage in the Pros. Even Pegoretti was forced to offer aluminum frames to meet customers' demands. Funny how things seem to go 'round.

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