This is a very cool bike, just about the coolest you could buy in 1985. It was raced to Olympic gold in Los Angeles in 1984 by American Alexi Grewal. It saddens me that it is not my size. It's a big 60cm seat tube by 58cm top tube, measured center to center. The rear spacing is 126mm.

This is a pretty early use of the SLX tubeset, with their reinforcing steel ribs which make for a nicely rigid frame. The rear brake cable in routed internally and cleanly brazed up as well.

The bottom bracket is stamped 00857, I'm not sure what this means exactly but I have some theories.

The color is difficult to capture. It is a lush pearl white with a very thin silver quickly sprayed over. There are little fleckles of white showing through. There is also wonderful hand lining on the chain and seat stays.

Campagnolo drop outs and fork tips too.

The decals are dried out and chipped, very typical for these bikes. One can leave them as they are or touch these up with a black marker, get NOS replacements and watch them flake off again or get some reproduction nylon decals.

The headset is included in the sale.

Now the bad news, at some point during its long storage some damage occurred (it is not known how). The top tube and chain stay are slightly dented. Here is the top tube, underneath the Pinarello signature.

Here is the chain stay dent. I have measured the frame and it is aligned (nearly perfectly - but I think it left the factory that way).

While there are a few light scratches and minor chips here and there (and those two dents), the overall condition is quite good. The chome is very good (with only 2 or 3 pinprick spots) and there is no rust whatsoever. The bike was bought from the second owner. Neither used this bike much. This is a photo of the Triomphe chainrings taken off the bike without cleaning. The 53 is pretty much new, the inner one nearly. The brake pads show minimal signs of wear.

I think the price reflects the desireability of this frame factoring in the good condition and warts. Thanks for looking.

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