1969 MASI Special (page 2)

This bike is very light - the front wheel with 36 spokes, tubular and skewer weighs 1030gr.

Campagnolo pedals (one end cap missing) with rusty cages and crusty toe straps are included in the sale.

I am also including these early 70's Weinmann brake levers in very good condition, seeing as the original ones are a bit wasted. The Sella Italia Superleggera saddle, also from my parts bin, is included.

This Masi Special is an exceptional bike. The original owner was Signore Ranghino, the president of S.C. Adriana cycling club whose members included Olympic gold medalist Antonella Bellutti. I purchased it from the second owner, Signore Stoppa.

There is enough of the original finish and decals to leave it as is and enjoy the wonderful patina of the past 40 years. Or one could find a very skilled painter to blend in strategic touch ups. Then again, there are those who would rather have a refinished, perfect bike, perhaps even in a different color. Though I have certain opinions regarding these matters, the most important thing is for this 1969 Masi Special to find a good home.

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