This is a charming frame. While Torpado made lots of mass market city bike stuff, here they tried to make something Cinelli-esque. It's still a step or two below, but it's an interesting take on a high end racing bike from the mid 60's, using Columbus SL tubes and Campagnolo drop outs. It measures 59cm seat tube and 57cm top tube (center to center). The head tube is 17cm and the rear spacing is 125mm.

The condition is pretty good - the chrome is excellent, the frame is straight and there are no signs of any accident. I bought it from the second owner. There is some little bubbling of the paint on the rear seat stay, this isn't fatal. Otherwise the frame is rust free. The silver metallic paint is pretty good with typical chips and light scratches here and there. Nothing major considering this frame is at least 45 years old!

Included in the sale is the headset, Campagnolo shift levers, Weinmann brakes and brake levers (not photographed).

This is (or seems to be) a Cinelli fork crown, chromed in the Cinelli way with a hand lined pinstripe.

This is not rust, the original owner closed up the bottom bracket with brown packing tape, when I took it off, it left some residue. Some heavier cleaning would take this off.

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